Everything about James Hardie siding

Everything about James Hardie siding

Anyone who owns their own house knows how important it is that it should be finished in an exemplary manner. A well-made facade is the basis, so that our house is effectively protected from many external factors, which cannot be avoided. Among the most popular solutions definitely include siding, which for many years has reigned supreme on the facade finishing market in the USA. 

In today’s article we will focus precisely on siding, and more specifically on that offered by the James Hardie company. Probably most people reading this article have heard of this company, after all, it has been on the market for many years and consistently offers great products. However, it is worth learning a little more about it and its products, which is why we will present it later in this post.

James Hardie – siding market leader 

As we mentioned in the introduction, the company James Hardie siding Chicago has been on the market for many years, more than 100 to be exact. You might think that during this time a lot has changed, and as much as it is true, however, the company we are describing has systematically improved its technology, so that it is consistently among the leading siding manufacturers. 

The technology that James Hardie siding offers is not only aligned with current capabilities and trends, but also definitely stands out from the competition. Their flagship product is without a doubt one of the most technologically advanced siding boards. Fibre cement boards are siding boards made of synthetic fibers mixed with cement and mineral dyes, and they stand out for their above-average resistance to various weather conditions, just like all other siding offered by James Hardie. 

Benefits of James Hardie siding

We have already presented that the company we are describing distinguishes itself from the competition with its many years of experience and modern technology, however, in order to further present their products, it is necessary to know all their advantages.

The most important advantage of the siding offered by James Hardie is definitely its durability, as we have already mentioned. While every exterior component of a house is exposed to various weather conditions such as rain, snow or strong winds, a well-installed siding from James Hardie is extremely resistant to all weather conditions, both those found in warmer and colder climate zones. Also noteworthy is the fact that thanks to a special coating found on James Hardie siding, their products does not fade when exposed to UV radiation. 

Another advantage that should not be forgotten when describing James Hardie siding is their wide range of available colors, starting with the lighter ones and ending with the darker ones. As a result, the James Hardie siding is a perfect match for virtually all architectural styles. 

Listing the advantages of the products offered by James Hardie, we can’t overlook their price, either. Let’s start with the fact that the siding of the company we are describing is not among the cheapest, however, its price is not much higher than ordinary siding that we can get in most construction stores. On the other hand, it’s worth mentioning that behind the slightly higher price is quality, which you won’t get by choosing cheaper solutions offered by the competition. 

In addition, when we buy James Hardie siding we get a 30-year warranty, which really works – in the situation when there are any problems with the siding, we can count on fast and professional help. In addition, it is also worth mentioning that James Hardie siding is a great investment, which significantly increases the total value of our house. 


In conclusion, the James Hardie siding is a great and timeless solution that will provide us not only with an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also exceptional durability for many years. Therefore, when thinking about choosing a siding it is definitely worth considering the one offered by James Hardie. 


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