Most Popular Lipstick Colors for Summer 2024

Most Popular Lipstick Colors for Summer 2024
Most Popular Lipstick Colors for Summer 2024

For Summer 2024, the lipstick palette is expected to range from vibrant bursts of color to soft, subtle hues, encapsulating the spirited and diverse essence of the season. Here’s a deeper look into the most popular lipstick colors that are set to trend this summer:

  1. Bright Coral: Coral continues to be a favorite for its perfect balance between orange warmth and pink softness. This shade is especially fitting for sunny days and complements a summer tan beautifully, making it a versatile choice for beach outings and outdoor brunches.
  2. Classic Red: A timeless staple, red lipstick is taking a bold turn in 2024 with shades that are brighter and more striking than ever. These vibrant reds are designed to stand out, suitable for a range of summer events from casual picnics to more formal evening gatherings.
  3. Hot Pink: As a bold statement color, hot pink is making waves this summer. It’s the ideal choice for those looking to add a playful and flirty vibe to their look, perfect for summer festivals, concerts, or just a fun day out with friends.
  4. Peach Nude: For those who lean towards a more natural makeup style, peach nude is emerging as a popular choice. This subtly warm shade enhances the natural beauty of your lips, making it a great everyday color that pairs well with any summer outfit.
  5. Glossy Berry: The glossy berry trend combines the lush, deep tones of berries with a glossy, moisturizing finish that feels fresh and youthful. It’s a revival of the glossy lips from the ’90s but with a modern twist, suitable for both day and night looks.
  6. Tangerine: This bright, energetic orange shade is for the bold and adventurous. Tangerine lips are a fun way to break away from the usual pinks and reds, offering a zesty pop of color that captures the essence of summer fun.
  7. Sunset Orange: Mimicking the stunning shades of a summer sunset, this bold, fiery orange is becoming a favorite for its ability to draw attention and complement a wide range of skin tones. It’s perfect for those who love to make a statement with their makeup.
  8. Sheer Lilac: Adding a touch of whimsy to the summer lipstick trends, sheer lilac is a soft, ethereal color that offers a hint of coolness to your summer palette. It’s ideal for those who prefer a hint of color and a departure from traditional summer shades.
  9. Soft Mauve: Mauve is a sophisticated option that blends elements of pink, purple, and nude. It’s a more subdued choice that works beautifully for both daytime professional settings and evening social events, offering versatility and elegance.
  10. Electric Blue: For the truly daring, electric blue lips are making a splash, challenging traditional color norms and offering an avant-garde twist to summer makeup routines. This vibrant shade pairs well with minimalist eye makeup, allowing the lips to be the focal point.

These colors not only align with the latest fashion week trends but also cater to a diverse range of styles and personal preferences. Whether attending a glamorous summer wedding or enjoying a laid-back day by the pool, there’s a color trend here to enhance every summer moment and outfit.


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