Facts you didn’t know about vinyl siding

Facts you didn’t know about vinyl siding
Facts you didn’t know about vinyl siding

Of the many solutions available on the facade market, vinyl siding is by far the most popular. This way of finishing a house is particularly often chosen in the United States, mainly because of the great variety and ease of installation. Of course, these are not all the advantages of vinyl siding, however, in today’s article we will not focus on why to choose this particular solution as a facade finish for your house, but will present fun and interesting facts about vinyl siding that you probably did not know. Therefore, if you want to find out various fascinating things about vinyl siding, you should definitely read the rest of today’s article.

Facts and curiosities about vinyl siding 

So let’s start with something hardly surprising. As we have already mentioned, vinyl siding is particularly popular in the United States, this is of course due to its many advantages. However, what we would like to present most is the fact that vinyl siding can be found on up to 30 per cent of houses throughout the United States. This is a truly impressive percentage, and what is more, if we consider only newly built houses, even more than 40 per cent of them are covered with vinyl siding. 

Among the many interesting facts about vinyl siding, it is also worth noting that it is a really cheap material – the average price is $5 per square foot. Compared to other popular materials, vinyl siding is by far the cheapest, while still maintaining great aesthetics and durability. Since we have already mentioned aesthetics, it is also worth mentioning that vinyl siding is unique in that it is available in a really wide range of colours – when deciding on the material we are describing, we can choose literally any colour we can think of. 

Further facts about vinyl siding that we would like to mention are also related to its parameters. Firstly, the material we are describing is extremely lightweight, which also makes it very easy to install, however, despite being really light, it is also resistant to very strong winds, even those blowing at around 100 miles per hour. Secondly, vinyl siding is by far one of the thinnest siding available on the market, its thickness usually not exceeding 0.40 inches. On the other hand, if you would like to use thicker vinyl siding on your home, this is not a problem either, as the material we are describing is also available in thicker versions and can therefore be tailored to suit virtually any requirements. 

An interesting fact that may also surprise you is that vinyl siding has been on the market for more than 70 years. The first time this extremely popular material appeared for sale was around 1950. According to the vinyl siding Chicago, technology has changed a lot since then, however vinyl siding has changed along with it and new and increasingly modern versions continue to be created. It is also noteworthy that, despite the passage of many years, vinyl siding continues to be the most popular finishing material for house facades in the United States. 

The final interesting fact we would like to present in today’s article is that vinyl siding stands out from the many finishing materials available on the market in that it really is extremely easy to maintain. It requires no specialised maintenance and is very easy to clean, which makes it all the more unsurprising that it is the finishing material of choice throughout the United States. 


In summary, vinyl siding is without any doubt an excellent facade finishing material, which will fit in perfectly with practically all architectural styles. All of the interesting facts and features that we have mentioned in today’s article are actually related to the advantages of vinyl siding, which is why it is no surprise that this material is unquestionably the most popular facade finish material in the entire United States. 



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