Changes in the IT recruitment market

IT Recruitment

It’s almost impossible to keep up with the rapid growth of the IT industry. Numerous events occur within it every day. Naturally, IT recruitment must correspond to the trends of development and reflect today’s labor market requirements. The number of IT vacancies continues to exceed the number of potential specialists. To curb the salary growth in this field, employers need to offer candidates something new and interesting. Over the past few years, the majority of IT recruitment company have encountered two interesting trends in the hiring sphere.

  • The need to strengthen the employer brand.

Modern IT professionals carefully study the reputation of the company they plan to work for. Here everything matters: the employer’s name, positive reviews, colleagues’ experience, attitude towards social issues, implemented projects, relationships within the team, and much more. For 75% of candidates, the employer brand will be the primary factor in making a decision about employment. Quality changes in this direction are already happening. This applies not only to recruitment agency IT representing the employer’s interests but also to the internal recruiting department of the company and its HR managers.

  • Increasing the qualifications and technical literacy of IT recruiters.

Complaints about recruiters’ incompetence are not uncommon. Technical specialists want to see recruiters as like-minded individuals, not just representatives of the hiring company. Equal communication is the key to build trusting relationships and success in employment. Companies that have understood this have been able to overcome difficulties and emerge from the situation with minimal losses.

Directions of development

Recruitment processes are currently focused on reducing the time to fill vacancies. Several changes are taking place in this area:

  • The number of stages in candidate selection is decreasing. Companies are trying to reduce the number of technical tasks, tests, and interviews;
  • Modern technologies are being leveraged. The use of AI speeds up resume processing, optimizes search, and even evaluates candidates’ hard and soft skills;
  • Algorithms for finding specialists are being refined. Numerous programs, applications, and platforms allow for much faster execution of necessary actions, which used to take up a significant portion of an IT recruiter’s time.

Hiring specialists is reaching a completely new level. This is most noticeable in the field of IT recruitment. In the coming years, companies that keep abreast of technological developments and actively adopt them will have a significant advantage over their competitors.


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